Lumen + Luxe Soy Candle Vetiver, Leather and Cardamon

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 Lumen + Luxe Soy Candle Vetiver, Leather and Cardamon

A  modern classic, Vetiver, Leather and Cardamom fuses smooth and voluptuous leather, earthy vetiver, and spicy black cardamom. Hints of blood plum boldly finished with oak moss, musk and blooming jasmine give it a distinctive spin that is raw yet elegant, sensual, and sophisticated.

Top: rosewood and cardamom
Middle: jasmine and blood plum
Base: vetiver, musk, leather and oak moss

Lumen + Luxe soy and coconut wax is 100% plant based, free from herbicides, pesticides, petroleum, animal, and insect products. It is non GMO, non toxic, sustainable and eco friendly.

The wooden wicks are pure wood. They are naturally processed and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills and manufactured in the USA. FSC certified forests are healthy, they benefit local communities as well as provide jobs for workers.

Medium Size - 40 hour burn 



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