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First Response Moisture Abatement Kit

First Response Moisture Abatement Kit

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MoldHold controls mold spores by keeping them from becoming airborne. MoldHold's patented technology allows it to stick to wet moldy surfaces making it the fastest, easiest and most effective protection for your family and property. Mold industry standards are clear - contain mold first before you start to clean, kill or remove it. As every professional knows, even when slightly disturbed, exposed mold can and will spew up to 10,000 spores into the air - contaminating air quality and property.

Easy to use - MoldHold applies like tape
Sticks to wet surfaces where mold is most often growing
MoldHold - first response to mold - reduces cross contamination before and during cleaning and removal of moldy surfaces
Source contained site is safer and makes it less likely family, workers or others with compromised immune systems will be subjected to a costly and frustrating displacement during repair and restoration
MoldHold's sturdy 7 mil construction provides stability during application; durability during remediation and adds structural reinforcement to wet sheetrock for easier, cleaner removal
MoldHold has no harmful VOCs
Always use personal protection equipment and clothing when applying MoldHold
Source containment with MoldHold is taught to by leading restoration industry professionals as part of certification in the US, Canada, the UK and EU
A temporary first step, source containment with MoldHold should be considered a part of a larger process of containment, remediation and restoration
MoldHold has a very strong adhesive, use only on surfaces that are likely to be removed for disposal
2 piece kit

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