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2.25 Gal. Deciduous Nutall Oak Tree

2.25 Gal. Deciduous Nutall Oak Tree

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The Nutall Oak is a deciduous tree native to North America that is ideal for low-lying areas where wet conditions prevail. An excellent shade tree, it stands out when planted along roadways, pathways and borders. The Nutall Oak is used extensively for wildlife management due to its heavy production of acorns.

Includes 1 Nutall oak in a 2.25 Gal. grower pot
Best grown in USDA hardiness zones 6-8
Mature size is 60 ft. to 80 ft. tall and 35 ft. to 50 ft. W
Provides shade, thrives in low-lying wet areas and drops its leaves in Fall
Produces an abundance of acorns that are eaten by many species of wildlife
Performs best in full Sun
Tips for Watering Trees & Shrubs.

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