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2.25 Gal. Deciduous Weeping Willow Tree

2.25 Gal. Deciduous Weeping Willow Tree

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This graceful giant is known for its open crown of wispy, ground-sweeping branches and long, slender leaves. Often seen as 1 of the first indications of spring, the weeping willows yellow twigs and green foliage appear early in the season. The tree is easy to grow, quick to take root and requires little care.

Includes 1 weeping willow tree in a 2.25 Gal grower pot
Best grown in USDA hardiness zone 6-8
Mature size is 30 ft. tall to 50 ft. tall and 30 ft. W to 50 ft. W
Bloom time is April to May
Performs best in full sun to part shade

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