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10 in. Norfolk Island Pine Plant in Grower Container

10 in. Norfolk Island Pine Plant in Grower Container

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Norfolk Island Pine are a truly unique houseplant that is native to an island of Australia. Their tree-like growth habit and soft pine needles are ideal for a unique looking pine in your home. Norfolk are popular during the Holidays as they are great plants to decorate as a small tree and bring a festive look to your home. Much easier to decorate and carry into your high-rise apartment. Add some bulbs, lights and other decorations to create your very own mini everlasting Christmas Tree.

Offer includes (1) Norfolk Pine in a 10 in. grower container
Norfolk Pine will grow to 3 ft. tall and 3 ft. W
Plant is easy to care for but can be toxic to pets (so be careful to keep away from them)
Norfolk pines prefer full to partial Sun and sandy soil
Usually grown as indoor plant - can be grown outdoors in USDA hardiness zones 10-11

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