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Shapes-Triangles Smarter Kit

Shapes-Triangles Smarter Kit

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smart modular color-changing light panels, with shapes you can mix-and-match for complete design freedom. available in hexagons, triangles, and mini triangles, create your own custom layout and transform your space with color and light in minutes with their simple setup¡ªno tools required. these ultra-thin panels are packed with innovative smart technology to deliver fun and functional features like music sync, screen mirroring, schedules, touch reactivity, and more, which means you'll never run out of new ways to experience your lighting your way.

Build & expand your designs. Create beautiful symmetry in any room, or get completely abstract - the choice is yours. Modular design allows you to mix and match shapes (hexagons, triangles, mini triangles) and expand your setup with various expansion packs to create next-level designs that can be as large as 500 panels.
Color-changing animations. Customize your lights with colors and motions; transition colors slowly for an ambience that sets the perfect mood or turn up the speed to get the party started.
16 million+ RGBW colors. Virtually limitless color options. Select from or create your own color-changing scenes for the perfect ambience.
Simple adhesive setup. Easily mount shapes onto any flat surface using the included mounting tape, no drilling required!
See your music come to life. Transform your favorite songs into dancing symphonies of color and light. Set how your lights react to music and sound in real-time with different rhythm scenes available on the Nanoleaf app.
Control it your way. Go deep into customizing your lights with the Nanoleaf app (colors, lighting animations, schedules, and more), connect it with a smart home assistant for hands-free control, or use the built-in controller.
Mirror your screen. The colors from your screen are reflected on your panels for an immersive entertainment experience. Use match mode for next-level movie nights and gaming sessions.
Schedule your day. Automate your lights to turn on/off at specific times and days to make your daily routines a little easier.

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