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Vulcan White Rectangle HDPE Plastic Bar 29.92 in. H Patio Outdoor Dining Table

Vulcan White Rectangle HDPE Plastic Bar 29.92 in. H Patio Outdoor Dining Table

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This high quality HDPE dining table is just what you need to create your ideal outdoor dining space. The sleek tabletop provides ample space for food, drinks and games. Rugged HDPE construction allows this durable table height gauge to withstand harsh weather conditions. The classic rectangular dining table pairs perfectly with dining chairs and a pair of dining chairs. Accommodate up to six people for a casual dinner or special celebration.

UV protectants and colors persist throughout the HDPE material, effectively resisting UV rays. No need to dye, this low-maintenance outdoor end table is easy to clean.
The stand-up design creates a classic look and provides plenty of legroom, and the white exterior matches the surrounding environment, making it understated and luxurious without losing its style.
Perfect for patios, yards, and decks, this elegant patio table allows you to spend relaxing moments and can hold things like a drink stereo to add an entertaining touch to your outdoor events.
Easy to assemble. Includes instructions and tools. It is recommended that two people assemble together, which is conducive to promoting good family relations
Product Dimensions Assembled Length (in.) t70.08 Assembled Width (in.) t41.93 Assembled Height (in.) t29.92 Weight (lbs) t102.51
Note: The screws do not need to be tightened too tightly, otherwise the accessories will be damaged

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